Water the hero!!

Summer is here!!


​Summer is here and it is the hottest of other four seasons. It is equally important to take care of our body during summer as same as winter. Where we can easily dehydrate due to sweating. So the main hero in summer season is water.

Few points about water:

Taking 2 glass of water while you wake up help activate internal organs.

Taking a glass of water before 30 mins of your meal improves digestion.

Taking a glass of water before you bath reduces blood pressure.

Watery fruits like melons, cucumbers are also good partners during summer season.

If drinking plain water is boring add flavoured sugar , fruits to it to drink it in plenty amount.

You can ask me a question, how will one be thirsty sitting in an AC room and working in a PC. My reply is “yes” . yes ! Even if you are doing so, your brain will be drained and you will need an amount of oxygen to energize it. It is purely given by the water you drink.

It is not only refreshes you, water will flush toxins from your body. If you are fitness freak , working hard to reduce your flesh then you should drink as much water you can to flush toxins.

So it is always necessary to keep a water bottle with you. Atleast have a sip for every 30 mins. 

In summer the main problem is, getting sun tan. This is mostly due to the dead cells that settles in our skin. So it is good to apply scrub to the skin two to three times a week when you bath.(since we are in summer I have correlated water benefits with this season)

Adding olive oil while you bath will add moisture to your body.

Below is the water limit that we can stick to. We can also drink more than that.

Bath twice a day , it will physically and mentally refreshes you and keeps your stress away .

Summer is the perfect time to get wet.  Swimming is the best exercise you can do in summer. Start it with 10 mins a day and increase the time day by day. So whatever you do you can’t do without our here “water”.

Drink more water and stay healthy. And save as much water you can. Because Water scarcity is increasing day by day globally. So plan how are you going to save it . If you got better idea to save water you can also share it with me in the comments.

Thank you for reading my page. If you feel this article is helpful feel free to register your comments and share your thoughts. 

Is fruits good for break fast?

Eating fruits as your breakfast helps you think clearer throughout the day and it will also help you in losing weight. It stimulates the digestive tract to energize the body. Eating clean and light breakfast in the morning is a great way to transfer the body from a fasting state to an eating state.

Perfect way to break your fast:

Fruits is the best way to help ” Break the Fast” as it is easy to digest and wakes up the metabolism with a steady influx of natural sugars. It is a best one to have as a breakfast rather than a harsh adrenal killing coffees.

Stimulates digestive tract:

Eating fruit for breakfast infuses body with the enzymes that pushes out the old waste stored in the stomach and cleanses the tract. Which will make us feel refreshing throughout the day.

Wake up the body:

Our brain energize with the help of glucose we consume. It is rich in fruits which will help brain to be active through the day. It is best to replace the bed coffee with a fruit smoothie that will help our brain sharp and energized. So if you want to stay focused and energized throughout the day then eat a nice water dense fruit meal as your breakfast.

Alkaline environment:

In the morning time if we are hungry then our stomach will be filled with acid. It is must to neutralize it with alkaline. As we knew fruits are the natural form of alkaline which is very good to consume for neutralizing the acid as a breakfast.

Eat fruits and stay clean and healthy. Thank you for reading my article if you like this article and think this is useful share your comments in the comment box below. I am looking forward to hear from you. 

Pregnancy tips

Congratulations! Being newly pregnant is such an exciting time. But it can also be hard physically and overwhelming emotionally. Here are few tips for you to prepare yourself for your best moment.

Do’s and Dont’s when you are pregnant:

Do not skip breakfast for any reason ,as the nutrition supplement of the day start with a good and healthy breakfast. Go with calcium rich food. If you are feeling nausea you can consume a little amount in the morning and go for a stomach full later in the morning. Do not lift heavy weight.
Do not thread your eyebrows when you are pregnant. It’s always advisable not to thread eyebrows when you are carrying.
Do not watch horror movies or the things that disturbs you most. Always go for the things which makes you feel happy. 
Do not stand near heat for so long ( for ex: near gas stove).
Donot take cheese, because sometimes there is a possibility of bacterias in it . which will hurt you and your baby.Drink water, avoid soda. Also limit intake of caffeine related products.
Do not use any harsh chemicals. Try not to use the floor cleaners or washroom cleaners , it will be better to stay away from it. Also it is good to stay away from “HIT” ( a spray used to kill cockroaches and mosquitoes)

Cereals and fruits:
Choose your meals with more amount of vegetables and greens. Avoid white rice and try brown rice which is rich in fibre. Go for carrots , bananas and calcium rich cereals.
Comfortable clothes:
Wear comfortable clothes depending on season. Do not wear tight clothes, make sure a nice air flow throughout your body. Which also makes you and your baby free and relaxed.
Eat Folate-Rich Foods:
“Folic acid is crucial for the proper development of the baby’s neural tube (it covers the spinal cord), and it’s vital for the creation of new red blood cells,” says the doctors . Even before you find out you’re pregnant, it’s smart to start eating plenty of folate-rich foods like fortified cereals, asparagus, lentils, wheat germ, oranges, and orange juice.
Eating 4 dates daily in the last four weeks of pregnancy reduces the induction and augmentation of the labor, and produces favourable delivery outcome.
Go Shoe Shopping:
At last — a perfect excuse to buy shoes! As your bump grows, so may your feet — or at least they may feel like they are. That’s because your natural weight gain throws off your center of gravity, putting extra pressure on your tootsies. Over time this added pressure can cause painful over-pronation, or flattening out of the feet. You may retain fluids, too, which can make your feet and ankles swell.
To prevent these problems, wear comfy shoes with good support. Many expectant moms find they need a larger shoe size even after they give birth, so go a step up if you need to.
Best Pregnancy Tips to help you have a normal delivery:-
The first thing that you should focus on is your diet. Eat properly and rightly. Fruit which are rich in calcium & zinc are a must for pregnant woman. Those who indulge too often in sugary snacks or foods are bad for them and have the tendency to gain too much weight and adding too much weight provides women a more chance of requiring a C section instead of natural delivery.
Drink plenty of Water:
During pregnancy, one of the best Pregnancy Tips for a natural delivery is to drink a lot of water. This is vital when trying to keep healthy for a normal delivery & it will also help alleviate you from  constipation
Avoiding standing for long:
Avoid standing for too long particularly during the advanced stages of your pregnancy. Standing will exert gravitational pull on the child, getting it further down in your pelvis which can pose some problems during delivery.
Walk for Half an Hour:
It is suggested for pregnant women to walk for about half an hour every day. It will help the sideways movement of your hips, which will ultimately help the infant to position itself in the right spot for normal delivery.
Manage Stress:
Stay away from stress and anxiety. Your current stage requires you to stay cool & calm. There are times when avoiding stress is quite difficult still try to be calm. Keep yourself happy & contented. This has positive effect on the baby & facilitates you stay healthy. Music may help you stay relaxed as well as comfortable.
Yoga increases flexibility and helps you stay relaxed. It helps you in having normal delivery and that too with minimum pain. Regular practicing yogaaids in regulating respiration, heartbeat & also helps in relaxing your body.
Consume labour stimulating fruits:
During pregnancy, one of the best Pregnancy Tips to help you through normal delivery is to consume labour stimulating fruits. Fruits like mangoes, pineapple, and papaya are high in bromelain, an enzyme which has a softening effect on the cervix. Avoid canned fruits because they lose most of the bromelain content during processing.
Consume spices but with care:
One of the best Pregnancy Tips for a successful delivery is to consume all kinds of spicy foods but in moderation. While consumption spicy food during pregnancy is considered to help normal delivery because it can cause a warming effect on the system. If you’re experience heartburn or nausea, avoid spicy food during pregnancy.
Try Breathing Techniques:
Learning deep breathing techniques may help you relax during pregnancy and deal with the pain of labour as well as delivery. Breathing exercise is very vital as during the process of delivery you need to hold breath from time to time.
Regular perineal massages:
You need to have every day perineal massages done after 7th month of pregnancy. It decrease stress, aids an expectant mother tackle labour well & alleviates joint pains as well as muscular tensions.

Get up and Gear up

We are normally surrounded with an environment where pollution is increasing and even the food we eat is also polluted ,I mean it is adulterated. So there is necessity in choosing wise eating habits. Of course it is tough , but if we start using it ,then it will be addictive. I recommend everyone to make sure we atleast eat clean once in a week or twice in a week. If possible daily. We have to give space to clean our stomach (a kind of rest) to make ourselves prepared to face the junks we eat in the rest of the week. Yes,there is a better way we can do that here are few tips to make this possible. 

Eating healthy and clean adds more results in our daily routine food. Please find some of the tips which will be useful for you to crave yourself fit and feel active all day.

1. Start your day with green tea+honey ( if possible you can add refreshing mint leaves in it). After you finish it you can also apply the tea bag to your face, as we knew green tea is rich anti oxidant. This will give better results both from inside and outside. If you think you are not a “green tea kinda person” and you always go with a “bed coffee” yes you can go with it adding a teaspoon of ghee or coconut oil in it. It will help you to shred the accumulated bad fat and cholesterol from your stomach and intestines.

2. After green tea,you can do your regular stretches or workout . In the middle of the workout sip out water which keeps your body hydrated ( do not drink too much water during workout). Post workout Pat your hands,legs and thigh gently to make sure blood flow all over . This will avoid blood clots and keeps muscle pain away.

3. Make sure you always not skipping the break fast. Always choose stomach full healthy one. Go for a porridge made of pulses which soothes your stomach. There are health mix available in super markets you can go with it. This kind of porridges will reduce the usual workload done by the intestines and give little rest to it. But no compromise done with the nutrition part here.

4. You can also go with the fresh vegetables as your breakfast. Here I suggest you a better and a simple recipe which all of us can follow.

Carrot – one ( small size)

Beetroot – half ( small size)

Raddish – half ( small size)

Wash the vegetables and peel off the outer skin and cut into pieces. Boil it in water. If needed add a pinch of salt and pepper to it. After 10 mins filter out the vegetables and make sure you are not wasting the boiled water. Use it as soup. Also it is necessary to take healthy fat to your break fast for that you can fry spinach in vegetable oil in a pan and add it with the boiled vegetables you prepared. You can opt any of the vegetables you like and do the same way by not wasting the boiled water and have it as soups.

6. Also make sure you drink plenty of water in a day which hydrates your body and flushes out the bad fat from your intestine . you can also go with buttermilk wish nourishes your skin and add shine to it.

7. For lunch in the mid of the day,go with horse gram which has the natural tendency to burn the bad fat and cholesterol accumulated in our body. This can be taken once in two weeks or a week. Horse gram can be had with rice or chapathi.

8. Eating clean is the major part to make our body fit and active all day. Do not skip meals thinking that you are dieting . It is always good to eat in regular intervals rather than dumping all at once.

9. Go for peanut chikkis which is a healthy snack which loved by everyone. Avoid junk food. Always keep in mind you are not eating a food without knowing it’s history ( how it is made ). If you have any doubt in what you are eating then better you are not eating it and go for a clean food.

10. While going to bed always make sure to wash your face ,if possible you can also take a bath in a warm water, that will triggers sleeping mode active. While going to bed you can apply olive oil which is a natural moisturizer to your skin. It softens and adds glow to your skin.

If you follow clean and healthy habits as listed above you can live a active life more than you can imagine. Do not dump your stomach it’s not a waste bin it’s your stomach,treat it with care in reverse it treats you with benefits. Try these and give me your comments in which way it helped you. Am very eager to here from you. Thank you for reading my article.


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Chocolates are favorite for all, Which has more and more health benefits in it. A food prepared from rostered ground cocoa seeds is usually called as chocolate. Rich cocoa has numerous pros that are listed here.

Nutritional benefits:

Chocoa has plenty of nutrition filled in it in the form of the below listed contents in a particular percentage. They are fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and selenium.

Dark chocolate is the powerful and highest scoring food that had been tested so far for neutralizing free radicals. So it is a rich Anti-Oxidant .

It improves blood flow and lowers the blood pressure. It also lowers the risk of cardio vascular diseases. Eating chocolate during pregnancy may benifit fetal growth and development.

Cocoa,which has alkaloid in it is used against diarrhea. Due to large amount of fatty acids present in chocoa it helps in put on weight without accumulating cholesterol as far as pure cocoa is concerned.

Cold and cough relief:

Dark chocolate has alkaloids and flavanoids present in it,gives relief from cough and cold . Stearic acid in chocolate  relieves throat sore due to continuos coughing.

Helps in Skin glow:

As mentioned before dark chocolate helps in increasing the blood flow which is very necessary to get a glowing skin. It also increases the skin density and hydrates the skin. Also Anti-Oxidant helps in preventing the skin from acne.

Improves brain function:

Increases blood flow keeps brain active. A study result has proven that drinking 2 cups of hot chocolate a day could helps in keeping the brain healthy and reduce memory decline.

Mood enhancer:

Cocoa contains caffeine which is an alkaloid and it also has a type of amine which are the natural stimulants. These are very effective as mood enhancers and anti depressants. Cocoa also has amino acid which has relaxing effects. It also has soothing and refreshing effects in case of tension and stress.


Chocolate had lots of milk cream, butter and sugar which is not recommended for obese or for those who participate in very little physical activity. Cocoa is addictive due to its caffeine , it may also leads to poisoning in long-run as cocoa beans absorbs lead.

So as we knew “Too much of anything is good for nothing” ,keep calm and eat one chocolate a day and stay wow.Thank you for reading this article, kindly post your comments in the comment box below.

Beta Carotene

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 By seeing the title don’t conclude this topic is related to chemistry. Just kidding!! 

Beta carotene is one of the essential nutrition which is consumed daily by us through food. This word carotene derived from the Latin word “carota” which means carrot.

Beta carotene is an organic red orange pigment which is rich in vegetables,fruits and plants. Some of the rich beta carotene foods are,



Sweet potato








Chilli powder

Palm oil


Mango and 


 Beta carotene plays a vital role in our health. It adds both pros and cons in human body. Some of which are discussed here.


  Beta carotene is also called as “provitamin A” which is later converted into vitamin A. As we all knew vitamin A is good for Vision and also helpful in the immune system by generating white blood cells.

  Beta carotene is good in reducing the free radicals. As we all knew free radicals always search for an electron to make the molecule stable this will leads to cell destruction and tissue destruction. If enough amount of beta carotene is consumed free radicals will be neutralized. By this neutralisation beta carotene leads to a flawless glowing healthy skin. It is also acts as an anti oxidant.It also protects skin from sun damage.

Beta carotene strengthen the lungs of old people. It also prevents from cancer and heart disease. 

 Beta carotene consumed in the form of food is always good and effective. Avoid supplements.


Beta carotene as said before is provitamin A later converted into vitamin A. This conversion is directly proportional to the metabolism. If you have low metabolism (low thyroid results in low metabolic rates) only less amount of beta carotene conversion occurs and the excess amount of beta carotene deposites in the tissues. Which will reduce thyroid interaction with the cells in future. This leads to different colour variations of face and body called as carotenemia. 

Beta carotene also has some severe effects on smokers and former smokers where intake of beta carotene as supplements results in cancers. It is always healthy to consume naturally.

As a conclusion consume natural beta carotene from the fruits and vegetables, better avoid beta carotene as supplements. If you have low thyroid function and smoking habits while taking medication intimate doctor to limit your beta carotene supplements. 

Hope this article adds some of the known and unknown effects of our daily food intake. Please give your valuable comments in the comment box below which will help me in enhancing myself. Thank you and Happy reading.

Benefits of cardomon 


Cardamon is a rare spice grown in the South India that has a fragrance smell and more health benefits. Which is of two types normal cardamon and black cardamon.

Mostly cardamons are used in sweets for their known fragrance smell and also in many dishes like biriyani and all of the South Indian gravies for fragrance. Beyond the smell it has very rare benefits.

1. Use cardamon powder added in a glass of hot water ,have this mixture before you go to bed. This will helps to clear the throat and reduce the snoring.

2. This cardamom is mostly called as “elachi” in Hindi and “elakkai” in Tamil and “elakalu” in Telugu ,this elachi water also use to reduce heat in the body

3. Chew the cardomon seeds which helps in digestion and also helps in reducing the bad odor comes from mouth and also from the stomach. This also helps on reducing ulcers.

4. Cardamon tea is mostly drank in the southern part of India ,which has a health benefit of clearing the cold and cough

5. Cardomon tea is also used as refreshing agent which energies our body.