It’s okay!!

It’s okay if you are not feeling positive all the time, it’s okay if you are not following a routine, it’s okay if you give up , it’s okay if you hurt someone, it’s okay you fight with your loved ones, it’s okay if you show up your feelings , it’s okay feeling expressive, it’s okay you feel jealous, it’s okay you are angry, it’s okay you are not recognised, it’s okay no one is appreciating you. Its okay if you forgot all the time.It’s okay!!

We aren’t a monk or something else to let go everything easily, we are normal human beings.Being surrounded by all this fickle thoughts makes us human. Really, am not joking!! We are the only living being in earth with the 6th sense, so we sense all these mood swings .Everyone needs to understand this. Sometimes we have a fluctuating mind, that’s completely alright. Don’t think or push yourselves like you are your own villain who is stopping you from your own goodness. It’s just because your mind need someone to blame or take incharge of that mood swings. That’s why you feel so. But that isn’t true, think from your heart. You knew deep inside , you are a kind soul like a deep of an ocean, you knew you won’t fluctuate. You knew you are calm than a morning sky. You knew it better. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. You are not at all alone here in your battle. Everything will be okay someday!! Don’t push yourself so hard.

My Mom and Dad always gives me this piece of advise, “Idhuvum kadandhu pogum” (Everything shall pass). Am passing this precious message to all my peers. Keep this in mind in your tough times.

Have hope, one fine day you will wake all refreshingly and do whatever you wish to do and on that fine day everything will happen as you have dreamt of. That day is not so far, it will come for sure. Everyone’s timeline Is different. But you gotta believe in yourself and do the thing which you are doing.

And remember you are not alone at all. You are surrounded with same fickle minded caring loving ones around you. They are here to share care gossip with you. Have a word with them if you Feel alone. If you don’t feel like talking to your own circle , please take a piece of paper and write the shit out from your heart. Trust me you will feel so light. Anyways you have to spit out your emotions which you are dumping in you. Trust me if you are dumping your emotions, one day it will burst out like a tsunami so you keep them spit out at times. Or trash them all. Don’t keep it. That’s it.

It’s okay to be you !!

If you feel like shouting at someone , do it. Nothing wrong in it. But after that have a word about what caused you to do like that with that same person and we can make them understand . May be it seems weird, instead keeping everything within you , you can try this out.

And more importantly you are more important than anyone else. Before you think someone may get hurt by pointing out their mistakes., it is you hurting yourself by keeping that emotion with you. So if you are the one very sensitive., you have to open up or else write them what you think of talking to them write it down in a paper and pass to them!! Because writing down is more easier than talking out, I feel this personally . Sometimes we won’t feel like doing anything and sleep. Just sleep for a while and do this. Please don’t ignore your emotions.If you are a careless one, no worries at all. Others shit won’t piss you off.

Please note, nobody is perfect here. Sometimes we knowingly or unknowingly hurt someone. That’s okay, learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. That will be the note for everyone of us. In this current tough times, we may be alone all the time we may miss our friends, family , our loved ones, our favourite restaurants, our outings many things. That’s okay. This one feeling adds up with other emotions and making us little unstable nowadays. But that’s okay. We are the fighters, warriors . We can win this by defeating the vague thoughts by joining together!! We can’t clap with one hand!! One day everything will be back to normal and we will be hanging out with our loved ones happily, we will be packing our bags with our friends for a trekking one day. Have that hope!!

Instead complaining or comparing , feel grateful for what you have. Feel grateful for your body, feel grateful for your parents friends family. Feel grateful for your food you eat. Feel grateful for the nature. Feel grateful for the air you breathe. Feel grateful for the water you use. Gratitude will give you more and more positive vibes. Please experience it!!

As I say every time, Every new day is a beginning for a new life. Have that faith. Have that courage, stay bold and face everything strongly and stay tough.

Don’t force yourself , everything will fall in place. Keep trying!! Stay calm, laugh as much you can, Smile makes many things!! Remember this. Find your inner peace!! Deep inside you knew who you are!! Find that!! You can do it charm☺️☺️☺️

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