Three in one hair oil, Treats Frizzy hair, Hair fall and Dandruff.

Most of us will be exhausted when our hair is frizzy after a long trip or after a lengthy trekking experience. What we will do is, Go to a parlour and take SPA which we will trust more than any of our home remedies to make our hair smooth back again. But the thing is we doesn’t know what are the products they use in the parlour that may harm your scalp. It doesn’t mean they are using harmful products but it may or may not , However we have to spend some bugs to have it done. Without spending a lot , stay patience and try this. This requires only your time to prepare things and get it done. Be ready!!

Here I am going to share you a super coolest technique which i usually follow at home to make my hair smoother and wavier. For this you need the below items. I will be sharing you step by step process , which will lead you to have smooth and silky hair.

This treatment will also be helpful for treating hair fall problems, dandruff also. Because we are using beneficial ingredients.

Preparing Oil:

For preparing home made oil , we need below items which will be always available at home.

Amla, curry leaves and Small onion- Helps Hair to grow and strengthen the root. additionally amla will add more blackness to your hair.

Lemon – Treats scalp with dandruff

Fenugreek seeds – Strengthen the tassels and nourishes it.

Ingredients to prepare homemade oil
1. Dried lemon zest
2. Dried curry leaves
3. Fenugreek seeds
4. Chopped small onions
5. Amla dried or fresh optional
6. You can also add henna leaves to add blackness to your hair.

After having these ingredients ready You are good to prepare your Hair oil. You can choose coconut oil or sesame oil. Or evenly mix both of it.

Oil preparing method:

  • Take oil of your choice and heat it in a Pan
  • Bring it to boil
  • After oil comes to boiling temperature, add all the ingredients that are ready
  • In 2 mins turn the flame off

  • Filter the oil and store in a bottle for daily use.
Filter the oil
Filtered oil ready to use

Oil applying method

Oil applying strategy is also one of the strategies we have to follow to get 100% results. Here am going to explain easy techniques you can follow daily to enjoy the benefits.

This technique will lead you to attain benefits such as,

  • Treating frizzy rough hair
  • Treating dandruffs
  • Treating dry scalp etc
Hair is frizzy, and rough. Am afraid to touch it

Step 1: Spray water to your hair, this will wet your scalp and tassels which will be easy for our fingers to run through.

Step 2: Apply Luke warm oil which we prepared and massage gently

Step 3: Cover your hair with air tight plastic bag and cover it with a towel and make sure no air passes in. Leave this for 30 mins.

Step 4: After 30 mins , remove your coverings you could see sweat in your scalp. You are now good to take head shower with your normal shampoo you use. (Make a note: while applying shampoo mix it with water and apply in the scalp , do not apply shampoo directly in the scalp)

Step 5: After your shower, tie your hair with a towel to observe wetness from your tassels. Do not use hair drier.

After your hair is dried, you could really feel the difference 😊. Your hair will be very smooth and silky comparatively.

You can follow these steps daily. And you will have good difference😍

Hope this article will be useful for many of friends who are experiencing hair fall problems, dandruff’s and frizzy hair. Use this extraordinary home remedy that will help your tassels glow and which makes you glow😍

Thanks for reading !!