Summer Special

Already we are near to Summer and in the south India especially in Tamilnadu we are facing extreme hot summer this year. How are we going to keep our body hydrated during this special season. Why to keep the body hydrated? As we all know our body contains more than 70% of water which also connected with the Brain activity. To keep our body performance with high oxygen we need to consume 5 litres of water a day.

These are all the facts which we knew already. But in Summer we need extra care , because maximum amount of water in our body will be coming out in the form of Sweat so what we have to do is consume more amount of water than usual in this season. But we find ourself boring to drink plain water. Instead we choose cool drinks which is made of coloured chemicals and sugar, which will cause serious effects like putting lot of weight in our body. So how are we going to regulate without all these , Here are few tips for you people which will really help you in maintaining a hydrated body. These are the few health tips which we usually follow in our home.

I am sharing here few of them,

Flavored Water: 

when we say flavored water, it is nothing but adding few healthy ingredients into the water which adds its natural aroma to the water. So we can consume little bit more for that taste. What are the things you can choose,

You can choose,

  1. A slice of lemon
  2. Tulsi leaves
  3. Zest of Orange
  4. Slice of Strawberry
  5. Chase tree leaf

You can select any of these ingredients in combination and soak in the water pot leaving over night and your flavored water will be ready in the morning. Or otherwise you can make an instant flavored water by following the below steps.

Add your chosen Ingredients in your water Jug

Pour a glass of Boiled water into it.

Hot water will pull out the natural flavor from your ingredients instantly

Then you can fill the Jug with normal water and you can store it in Fridge.

Every then and there water is touching the bottom of the jug, you can refill it again with these steps to make your own flavored water without any added sugar. You will feel great for yourselves. Give this a try and get back to me with your comments.


You can also go for juices without adding sugars. Prepare any of your favorite fruits juices and drink it without adding sugar, so that you will get the natural flavor of the fruit from itself. The one thing we using the castor sugar is , it will add more heat to our body. That is why we recommend not to use it regular. Alternate you can go for Jaggery or brown sugar mixed juices made by yourselves.

Here i am going to show you an easy Lemon Sugar Syrup recipe which you can prepare once in a week and store it in your refrigerator. You can also try the same steps to prepare your Orange Sugar Syrup as well.

 Ingredients needed:


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Sarbath mix: (Optional)  This is a Nannari sarbath, which is a actual Sugar syrup processed with root of Nannari . Which is a special ingredient helps to cool our body. ( you can buy one using this Buy Nannari Sarbath online )



Preparation method:

  • Heat a pan , and add brown sugar into it. You can add 6 to 8 teaspoons of sugar for a lemon, so here i have taken 7 medium sized lemons. So i have taken 50 teaspoons of sugar. Considering the sarbath also has the sugar content already.


  •  Add the lemon juice,straining with tea strainer to get rid of seeds. If you think you need the pulp of lemon you can use your hands to remove the seeds only. It is of your choice.


  • Stir well, to make sure sugar syrup is not burnt.



  • Add a pinch of salt, this will add an extra flavor to the lemon juice.


  • Add a mixture of Nannari sarbath to the required amount. It is optional. If you enjoy the flavor of Nannari you can add this. Quantity is 1 teaspoon for a glass. Here we have taken 7 lemons, which will give us 35 glasses of Juice , so we can add 35 teaspoons of sarbath.


  • Once the mixture comes to boil set aside to cool down.


You can store this in a bottle in your fridge and have it whenever you want. Take a glass of chilled water, a teaspoon of the syrup we have made and your Instant Lemon Juice is ready to have a Sip. 

Give this a try and leave me a comment if you find this useful.



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