Yoga for beginners

Are you a housewife struggling to loose your weight, Are you a person who is working in a job which makes you lazy, Then this content is definitely for you!!

Everyone of us struggles a lot when we gain weight and we struck somewhere in shredding it.

For a healthy and happy life I would recommend little bit of stretching in your body that will make you feel lighter.

You can create your own routine whenever you get time. It may be in the morning or in the evening. Even after 2 hours of your lunch.

I have made a video with some of the easy stretches you can do easily whenever you feel like stretching your body 3 to 5 times a day will definitely make you lighter . These ones seems simple but has loads of benefits in weight loss and maintaining weight.

This video is made by me for the yoga beginners. Please watch this video and share your comments.

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