How to Stay happy!! Part 1

I welcome everyone to share a wonderful topic in which everyone are very much keen in. How to stay happy in Life. We all are blessed with good soul from which we can make a positive world rotating around us!! There are some key rules you have to follow to be successful in each and every relationship you are in!!

I think you people agree with me on the above statement. Like the Tree we have planted need water to grow likewise the relationship we are in needs some extra love and care which makes our bonds stronger. Say the relationships like in family as a Mom or dad, Son or daughter, Sister or brother, husband or wife ,Friends, lover etc. These key rules applicable for each and everyone out there.

These are the little things I learnt and few of it am following in my life which I believe in . I hope these also will enlighten few of your relationships. I am so glad to share this with everyone of you 😍😍😍😍

Rule 1:

Always share and express love to your loved ones. Don’t even hide within yourself. Say for example, you have a friend. And you take extra care for her/ him , and you are feeling possessive if he or she is with some of their friends. In this situation go and express the way how you feel for them. This small gesture may make them realise how you are caring/feeling for them. It doesn’t mean your friend should not make friends other than you. It means you really mean them a lot more than anyone else. Hope I made a point here!! This make them take extra care on you🙌

Rule 2:

Exchange love. Exchange love in any possible ways . People may think that you are crazy doing things. Don’t think of anyone , you are going to love your people . Say for example , if you love or care for your family members or friends , do write them a memorable letter on their special days. Instead of texting them in watsapp or fb. Invest your time on lovely people of yours. If u express your feelings through a letter, they may feel special and they treasure it♥️ these are simple things but means really lot.

Below are letters I have wrote to my loved ones♥️

Also do update a composed collage of your friends pictures on their special day as status, which make them feel that they are special to you ♥️

Do say them, that you love them😍. It seems simple but, it create change ♥️

Rule 3:

Do not argue !! Whatever the situation is do not even argue with your loved ones. Even if anyone of you feel low, then there is a chance of a relationship gap. So do not even try doing it. Avoid that situations. Even you can turn your mobile off for sometime if you are unable to control your emotions. Because haste makes waste. And it also spoil our lovely relationship in all the ways. After turning off the phone just think of the happy moments you shared with the person and think whether he or she will think of anything bad on you!! Of course they won’t . Because they are the dearest one of ours😍 so only think of the positives, which keeps you alive in this world♥️♥️♥️ And have a thought in your mind that everyone around you loves you . Don’t doubt it 😍

Rule 4:

Before you think of anyone else. Daily thank god for giving you a beautiful soul, which makes you alive. Thank yourself for taking good care on your own self both physically and mentally 😍 Be thankful for each and everything you feel pleasant , and makes you happy in all the ways♥️ Do not complaint anything. Everything in this world happens for a reason♥️♥️♥️

These are the few rules , each of you would have following this already. Happy for you!!! If any of you miss doing these, please apply it in your life as well . You can make yourself happy giving more love to others, with giving you can be filled with loads and loads of love am promising you this.

I think I made someone atleast to do something, with this note am coming to an end of this 4 rules. I will share few rules as well in my upcoming blogs ♥️ Create your way of living !!! Love you all😍

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