Single vs Committed Part 1

If you are a single and you are a part of a group of committed people. Then you are the right audience to read this content. You may have gone through any of these strategies where you can’t even express how you feel, since both of that idiots are your friends. I am explaining everything in scenarios.

Scenario 1:

Positives first:

Since both of your close friends got committed, they won’t make you feel lonely. Both of them take extra care on you to make sure you shouldn’t think that you are ignored. If you are going to a coffee shop, both of them keep on talking to you, they will discuss only about things in common to make sure you are engaged with the topic and making sure you are an important one in their lives.

Even at times, they will take one of your own problem and they both try to find a solution for it. You will absolutely know they are trying something and they can’t come to a solution but still they will try. You may feel what these people are up to and at times they drive you crazy as well. These are some of the good things which actually better for a good friendship.

Next coming is where we struggle a lot.

Scenario 2:

Do you think , you aware of all the things which your committed close friends are discussing about. Sometimes you will be thrown out the circle which would have drawn within themselves. I can say you one thing, you should not plan anything with them separately like going out for a movie or a dinner or something like that. I am betting you, they will turn totally inside out when you try doing this. They can be absolutely normal for first 2 or 3 times then comes their original face which they can’t show to you. They can only deal with their partner whom will show polishly to you.

So be careful friends, if you are single and have committed friends you should always knew your boundary line. Once you knew it stick to it do not move in or out in any situation to maintain a healthy relationship between both of them. Because both of them will be important for you.

Scenario 3:

You will be totally confused who is good or bad. Really ?

How come one can confuse if their friends are good or bad. But I can bet you , if you are in a situation like what am explaining you can get this doubt. Since you are a common friend for both of them. They can complain about each other to you, and a very crucial thing is they only discuss about one side of the conversation where they can blame easily. After hearing both of the conversations in different times and even sometimes very often you will come to a conclusion that one party is doing some mistakes. You will create a vengeance that this one is doing wrong to our friend and you will console the other party by convincing words and all. But after all this is happening and running through your like anything they will act like normal all of a sudden like nothing has happened.

You are a fool here!! Seriously 😒

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