Meditation a medicine for inner soul

Everyone of us knew , this is a fast moving world. Where we can study fast, knew information fast, gossips fast, make money fast along with that we will gain stress as a super free combo in all the situations.

Do you ever think of the life without stress is possible. Yes! It is absolutely possible with a little bit of positive motivation. This may come from you , from your surroundings, from the persons you watch daily, or from a piece of paper you read.

It is all about,how we look at it and making it as a driving force!!

Here am going to share my own personal experience. Hope this will add a little motivation in you!!

One unfortunate day, I lost a part of me. Which means am unable to concentrate on job+my family+my friends. Which resulted in loosing many of my friends.( For sure some may deserve some may not) but still..lost is lost.

Which was burdening me a lot. Seriously you believe it or not, I was at this condition for almost an year.

After that I came to knew, that this is absolutely not me. So I decided to do things on my own way. Do the betterness of myself and also the people who really cares me. So I decided to do this after a very long time. Almost after a decade.

I started meditation.

Which added up some of my good valuable character back to me. ( I wish this piece of lines will make someone’s life better)

This is not at all a impossible mission.

Make yourself comfortably sit in an areated room.

Close your eyes.

Breath slowly.

Forget about the choas around you.

Concentrate on the air which you breath.

Sit relaxely upto how much time you able to sit.

If you have something burdening you cry it out.

If you have something overwhelming smile at yourself.

Stay calm for atleast 10 minutes and increase this time slowly.

This is what I am doing and I really feeling pleasant about how I feel. Which will help you in mental wellness. Keeps your soul happy 😍

Also I am suggesting everyone to do physical workout or stretches after meditation.

This will add you up in physical wellness too. Keeps your body happy😍

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Kindly add up your opinions too.

I will be writing more about meditation in my next blogs.

Thank you so much for reading!!!


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