Do things better- Part 1

Do your daily exercise until you sweat. (If you are sweating, it means already you have triggered your body to flush out the toxins that has been stored. This will results in glowing skin and also reduces pimples which is an accumulation of dead cells)

images (2)

Drink water until your urine is colorless. Many of us have doubt that how much water quantity do i need to drink in a day? My answer is it varies from person to person. It depends upon how much pounds you are, what type of work are you doing.. etc. So i recommend to take water until you see your urine is not yellowish.


Eat partly whenever you feel hungry. Also eat until your stomach is full. (Meaning- While you are chewing the food nicely, you will feel the stomach filling , if you are gulping the food usually you wont feel the stomach fullness and that results in stuffing yourself which results in increasing weight. so chew your food as much you can avoid gulping and stuffing yourself)

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Continue doing your daily workouts until you feel light. sometimes you will experience like you are carrying your own body when you are walking , which means you are put on weight. This will be regulated when you do a regular workout.

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Do daily 10 to 15 mins self thinking/analyzing or meditation. This will help you to concentrate/motivate on doing things and increases positivity. Which will help you glow physically and mentally.


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