Beta Carotene

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 By seeing the title don’t conclude this topic is related to chemistry. Just kidding!! 

Beta carotene is one of the essential nutrition which is consumed daily by us through food. This word carotene derived from the Latin word “carota” which means carrot.

Beta carotene is an organic red orange pigment which is rich in vegetables,fruits and plants. Some of the rich beta carotene foods are,



Sweet potato








Chilli powder

Palm oil


Mango and 


 Beta carotene plays a vital role in our health. It adds both pros and cons in human body. Some of which are discussed here.


  Beta carotene is also called as “provitamin A” which is later converted into vitamin A. As we all knew vitamin A is good for Vision and also helpful in the immune system by generating white blood cells.

  Beta carotene is good in reducing the free radicals. As we all knew free radicals always search for an electron to make the molecule stable this will leads to cell destruction and tissue destruction. If enough amount of beta carotene is consumed free radicals will be neutralized. By this neutralisation beta carotene leads to a flawless glowing healthy skin. It is also acts as an anti oxidant.It also protects skin from sun damage.

Beta carotene strengthen the lungs of old people. It also prevents from cancer and heart disease. 

 Beta carotene consumed in the form of food is always good and effective. Avoid supplements.


Beta carotene as said before is provitamin A later converted into vitamin A. This conversion is directly proportional to the metabolism. If you have low metabolism (low thyroid results in low metabolic rates) only less amount of beta carotene conversion occurs and the excess amount of beta carotene deposites in the tissues. Which will reduce thyroid interaction with the cells in future. This leads to different colour variations of face and body called as carotenemia. 

Beta carotene also has some severe effects on smokers and former smokers where intake of beta carotene as supplements results in cancers. It is always healthy to consume naturally.

As a conclusion consume natural beta carotene from the fruits and vegetables, better avoid beta carotene as supplements. If you have low thyroid function and smoking habits while taking medication intimate doctor to limit your beta carotene supplements. 

Hope this article adds some of the known and unknown effects of our daily food intake. Please give your valuable comments in the comment box below which will help me in enhancing myself. Thank you and Happy reading.

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