Soaked rice water


From the early days we have known this term called ” palaya saadham” which our grand parents and mom used to eat as break fast.usually we scold them not to use not knowing it’s health benefits. Most of the things which our ancestors followed had some scientific reasons which was untold. Now it’s been reveled by some of the scientists and we do follow(some of us) the things that has been followed by our grand parents.

Here am taking one such thing which is ” soaked rice water ” which is called as ” palaya sadham ” in Tamil. Left over rice from the previous day has been immersed in water and that has been consumed as the break fast in the another day along with butter milk,spiceless pickles such as lemon pickle which was filled with lots of health benefits.

This soaked rice water has rare vitamins like B-14,B-6 that adds health benefits. This also helps in better digestion . it also has many different varieties of bacterias that helps in soothing stomach and intestines. This also reduce constipation.

Soaked fresh rice water (kanji)helps in digestion and adds immunity during fever. Consuming rice water also helps in maintaining good physic.

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