Benefits of cardomon 


Cardamon is a rare spice grown in the South India that has a fragrance smell and more health benefits. There are two types normal cardamon and black cardamon.

Mostly cardamons are used in sweets for their known fragrance smell and also in many dishes like biriyani and all of the South Indian gravies for fragrance. Beyond the smell it has very rare benefits.

Sharing here few of the benefits:

1. Use cardamon powder added in a glass of hot water ,have this mixture before you go to bed. This will helps to clear the throat and reduce the snoring.

2. This cardamom is mostly called as “elachi” in Hindi and “elakkai” in Tamil and “elakalu” in Telugu ,this elachi water also use to reduce heat in the body

3. Chew the cardomon seeds which helps in digestion and also helps in reducing the bad odor comes from mouth and also from the stomach. This also helps on reducing ulcers.

4. Cardamon tea is mostly drank in the southern part of India ,which has a health benefit of clearing the cold and cough

5. Cardomon tea is also used as refreshing agent which energies our body.

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